About Us!
About Us

We take our responsibility to educate children very seriously and do this in a variety of ways in order to meet the needs of all individuals who enjoy and excel in different areas.

We have a Christian school that is a safe, honest, secure, positive, accessible and happy learning environment, providing good role models for our pupils. Our teachers and teaching assistants provide high quality teaching and learning. We also teach the important skills of empathy, family values, confidence, mutual respect, ambition, tolerance, teamwork and effort in order to provide our children with a good attitude to learning and to have high aspirations in their own abilities to equip them for their future workplace.

We work hard to continue good community links including good relationships with parents and to be a focus in the community. We also provide affordable childcare, supporting families and guiding the social and emotional development of our children.

Pupils are very proud of their school. They love playing on the well-equipped outdoor areas. Pupils are excited to use the new outdoor gym, which helps them to learn how to stay fit and healthy. - Ofsted (July 2021)