Report Absence!
Report Absence

What to do if your child is absent

If you know your child is going to be absent from school, you should:

  • Where possible, ring school at the earliest opportunity to let them know
  • Send a note to school explaining the reason for the absence (in advance if possible, eg: if your child has a doctors appointment)

Please note: School will contact parents if they are in any doubt as to the whereabouts of a child.

Absences can be reported in a number of ways


We reserve the right to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to parents of children who persistently have unauthorised absences, such as:

  • parentally condoned absence without good reason, or failing to inform school about absences;
  • holidays in term time;
  • persistent late arrival at school.

Attendance at our School

Attendance at St Andrew's is currently very good.

2021-22 - 95.5%